sexual assault


Vice Special Report / S1 EP11


VICE News investigates students' reports of suppressed sexual assault cases.
Vice Special Report / S1 EP8

Above the Law: Sexual Assault on Duty at LMPD

VICE News investigates allegations against the Louisville Metro Police Department.
Dark Side of the 90s / S1 EP9

Secrets of the Runway

Supermodels in the 90's were part rock stars and royalty dusted heavily in cocaine.

I Was Sexually Abused as a Male Model

A male model reveals that the modeling industry functions under expectations of models sleeping with designers and outright propositions of sex from those in power.
Vice Guide to Sex / web

Using BDSM to Cope With Trauma

VICE meets Rebecca and Steph, a couple who uses BDSM to process their individual traumatic experiences and heal from their painful past.

Exposing Sexual Harassment in British Government

This assistant to MPs in the UK's Houses of Parliament calls out sexual harassment, assault and predatory behaviour by senior male MPs towards female members of staff.
The Scarlet Letter Reports

Daisy Coleman on Dealing with Sexual Assault

Daisy Coleman's brutal assault at age 14 brought attention to an epidemic of sexual abuse and rape culture in rural areas.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / S1 EP2

Jules, Taylor & Emily

Transgender woman finds self-love and acceptance through the power of Ayahuasca.
VICE Specials

The Hypnotherapist Who Treats Victims of Alleged Alien Abductions

VICE met up with Laurie McDonald, a clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in alien phenomena, for an inside look at her work with patients who claim they’ve had extraterrestrial encounters.
Kentucky Ayahuasca / Clip

Preparing for an Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ceremony participants do "sananga drops" and create symbols of what they wish to overcome.
In Bloom

Should I Feel Guilty When I Blue Ball My Partner?

What is and isn’t sexual assault? How can I combat rape culture? Should my partner’s blue balls make me feel guilty? Answers in this episode of In Bloom.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Why politicians rarely face consequences for sexual misconduct

Amid a series of harassment allegations, neither party’s leadership appears to be effective. What’s their long game?