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The Bread Ladies of Cerchiara Italy

Welcome to Bread Street in Cerchiara, where women have been baking breads for generations. They specialize in a traditional bread called frese, as well as pizza.
Munchies Shorties

Make Fish-Infused Ice Cream

We met Simone De Feo, from Cremeria Capolinea in Reggio Emilia, who showed us how to make truly excellent gelato with anchovies, cod, and salmon.
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Munchies Specials

Meyhem Lauren Tries Christmas Sandwiches

Meyhem Lauren samples some of the UK’s favourite festive sandwiches.
Munchies Shorties

Amaro Highballs with John DeBary

Watch John deBary, Momofuku's Beverage Director, show you how to make the easiest summer drink there is.
Munchies Shorties

Meyhem Lauren's Mini Guide to Philly

Follow Meyhem Lauren around Philadelphia as he samples cheesesteaks, tacos, pastries, and more.
Munchies Shorties

New York Lunch Break with Matty Matheson

We hang out with Matty Matheson at different restaurants around New York.
Munchies Shorties

How to Use a Pressure Cooker with Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri and Farideh Sadeghin show the audience how to use a Pressure Cooker in the Munchies Test Kitchen.
Munchies Shorties

Harvesting Kale with Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri harvests kale in the Munchies Garden.
Munchies Shorties

Sabering Bottles with Sam Anderson

Watch Sam Anderson, beverage director at Mission Chinese, explain the difference between sabering a bottle of Champagne and Pet Nat.
Munchies Shorties

How to Saber a Champagne Bottle

A quick step-by-step guide on how to properly saber a champagne bottle.