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Farideh’s Fried Ravioli & Vodka Sauce | The Cooking Show

Farideh walks through how to make fried ravioli, the unhealthy but tastier cousin to the traditional stuffed noodle dish.
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Frank is headed to the motherland, Sicily. Viva Santa Fortunanta!
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The mafia and a Nigerian gang are targeting refugees in Sicily

VICE News examines the tensions rising between the Black Axe and Sicily's Cosa Nostra, as the Nigerian criminal gang infiltrates the island.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

The majority of migrants entering Italy aren’t refugees

The refugee crisis is escalating in Italy, where the majority of migrants are now coming from West Africa.
Huang’s World / S1 EP2


Eddie travels to Sicily to discover the ancient Arabic and African influence on Sicilian culture and cuisine.
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So Hungry You Could Eat A Horse

In Sicily, not only can you eat horse, but you can do it in a pretty wide variety of styles. Thankfully, Eddie Huang is there to taste it so you don't have to.
Huang’s World / Extra Scene

Eating Tuna Sperm

While shooting in Sicily, the Huang's World crew almost lose a GoPro, then celebrate with the guy who saved it by eating salted fish parts...and salted fish sperm.
Europe or Die

Europe Or Die: People Smuggling in Sicily

VICE News travels to Sicily, a main stepping stone into Europe, to follow a police operation to arrest suspected smugglers at a boat landing, and meet a former member of a people trafficking network operating between Libya, Egypt, and Italy.
Europe or Die

Europe or Die: Italy's Mediterranean Mass Grave

VICE News arrives in Italy as the only extensive rescue mission in the Mediterranean ends, leaving thousand adrift in the deadly sea.