Slutever Shorties

Inside Tokyo’s Dildo Bar

Slutever’s Karley Sciortino pays a visit to Vibe Bar - Japan’s one-stop-shop for cocktails and sex toys.
Slutever Shorties

Japan's Hooters for Women

Slutever’s Karley Sciortino gets served by the men of Macho 29 - a Japanese bar specializing in burley male servers and grilled meats.
Slutever Shorties

Japan’s Female-Focused Porn Industry

Slutever’s Karley Sciortino explores Japan’s female-focused porn industry with the founder of La Covulina Productions, a successful porn production studio that specializes in ‘how-to’ porn videos for women.
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Exploring Your Kinky Side as an Exhibitionist

There are a lot of ways to explore your super kinky side. 'Slutever' host Karley Sciortino explains how.
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Why You Shouldn't Apologize for Being a Sex Worker

'Slutever' host Karley Sciortino explains why you should never apologize for being a sex worker.
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Why Men Should Fantasize about Being Submissive

On this episode of 'Ask Slutever,' host Karley Sciortino explains why men don't necessarily need to be dominant in bed.
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How to Incorporate Urine into Your Sex Life

'Slutever' host Karley Sciortino gives us some tips on how pee can be sexy.
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Karley Sciortino Responds to Your Kinkiest Sex Questions

Talking about your sex life is important, and who can you discuss your kinky endeavors with if not your friends? Choose wisely. Slutever's Karley Sciortino explains how.

Mormon War on Porn

Utah has started a war against pornography. In this episode of Slutever, Karley travels to Utah to investigate the complicated, illicit and shamefully sexy world of porn in Utah.

Single Japanese Women Are Buying the Boyfriend Experience

Whether they're craving a shoulder to cry on, a hunk to take shots with, or a late-night cuddle, Tokyo-based women can fulfill their relational needs on demand and by the hour.

Sexual Healing: Inside the World of Medically Assisted Sex

On this episode of 'Slutever,' Karley meets with sex surrogates working to improve the sex lives of people with physical disabilities.

Making The World's First Male Sex Doll

Karley finds herself in the world of life-like custom male sex dolls and meets the team pioneering the perfect plastic fuck buddy for women.