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'Pussy Talk Over 50' Educating & Empowering Women With HIV

Michelle Lopez knows how hard it can be to overcome the obstacles life presents—from her HIV diagnosis in the early 90s, to raising a daughter living with HIV, to simply aging with HIV in a society ill-prepared for people like her.
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Finding Inspiration with Karley Sciortino and Kelli Berglund

Broadly Hotline's Bunny Michael talks to Now Apocalypse’s Karley Sciortino and Kelly Berglund about finding inspiration in sex, drugs, and art.
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Studio Mucci’s Amina Mucciolo on Expressing Yourself with Bright Colors

Studio Mucci owner and color expert Amina Mucciolo offers up tips on how color palates can bring joy and inspiration into our everyday lives.
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Sex Expert Eileen Kelly on Relationships

In this episode of Broadly Hotline, millennial sex and love expert Eileen Kelly joins Bunny Michael to offer tips on what you should and should not do when it comes to relationships—both new and old.
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Big Freedia on Finding True Identity

In this episode of ‘Broadly Hotline,’ host Bunny Michael sits down with Big Freedia, an artist and musician who’s the perfect example of what empowerment really looks like.
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'The Florida Project' Star Bria Vinaite on Getting High

In this episode of Broadly Hotline, ‘The Florida Project’ star Bria Vinaite talks to host Bunny Michael about proper weed etiquette.
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Overcoming Social Anxiety with Jay Versace

Even the most popular people can have social anxiety. In this episode of Hotline, internet superstar Jay Versace talks to Bunny Michael about feeling good even in the midst of the most sweat-inducing situations.
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Trans Actor Tom Phelan on Gender Pronouns

In this episode of 'Broadly Hotline,' host Bunny Michaels meets with 'The Fosters' break-out start and trans actor Tom Phelan to talk about preferred gender pronouns.
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Sexual Health with 'Queer Eye' Star Karamo Brown

What does it really mean to be sexually healthy? In this episode of Broadly Hotline, Queer Eye's resident life coach Karamo Brown talks to Bunny Michael about protecting yourself — whether through condoms or open conversations with your partner.
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'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Star Rachel Bloom on Dealing with Your Ex

In this episode of ‘Broadly Hotline,’ host Bunny Michael chats with 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' creator Rachel Bloom about how to navigate the tricky world of dealing with exes.
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Young Professionalism with Joey King and Jacob Elordi

In this episode of Broadly Hotline, actors Joey King and Jacob Elordi, stars of the new Netflix film 'The Kissing Booth,' sit down with host Bunny Michael to discuss what it means to be a young professional and the challenges that accompany it.
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How-To Make Harissa

Le Verre Volé chef Thomas Vicente tells us how to make his famous Harissa.