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Pakistan's President and the Rise of the TTP

Suroosh speaks to former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf about fighting the TTP alongside the West in the aftermath of 9/11.
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A Turning Point in Pakistan

Suroosh Alvi speaks to survivors of the 2014 Peshawar school massacre and 2015 Imamia mosque attack.

Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

Suroosh returns to Pakistan to find a country in turmoil, gripped by terror.
Violent Times

Meet Australia's Deadliest Soldier

In 2013 Paul Cale became known as Australia’s Toughest Soldier and Killer Commando after he stormed an enemy compound and strangled a Taliban leader to death.

Cyber Kill Lists

America builds a global surveillance machine, using data to ID and kill enemies.
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Suicide Bomber Kills 8 Civilians in Kabul Attack on NATO Convoy

Suicide bomber kills 8 civilians in Kabul attack on NATO convoy
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Embedded in Northern Afghanistan: The Resurgence of the Taliban

VICE News filmmaker Nagieb Khaja gained exclusive access to the Taliban, and spoke to fighters that briefly took control of Kunduz.
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Elections in Kabul - Dispatch 1

The Crew is travelling to Kabul with the intention of following the final round of Afghan Presidential election.
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American Allies: The Interpreters (Part 4)

VICE News correspondent Ben Anderson meets American veterans and lawyers desperately trying to get Afghan interpreters visas needed to escape persecution by the Taliban.
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Nowhere Left to Hide: The Interpreters (Part 2)

Despite living under constant danger after loyal service to US forces, Afghan interpreters have been unable to obtain visas necessary for them to leave the country.
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The Gun Markets of Pakistan

In 2006, Suroosh Alvi was one of a handful of journalists who was able to get into the massive guns market in Pakistan's tribal areas.