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Finding Family in Bangkok’s Rising Drag Scene

Two seasons in, Drag Race Thailand has catapulted the art form into mainstream consciousness across the region. In this doc, we explore what it takes to find family in the drag scene in Bangkok and meet many veterans and up and coming stars.
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Thai PM leaves cardboard cutout to take questions from the press

Thai PM leaves cardboard cutout to take questions from the press
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia / Extra Scene

Hamilton Meets with Folk Healers Of Thailand

Hamilton meets with a Thai folk healer to learn about the effects of kratom leaves.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

Kratom: The Forbidden Leaf

Hamilton investigates the legality of a tree with opiate-like properties.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia / Clip

The Trouble with Kratom in Thailand

Hamilton meets Pascal Tanguay, an activist fighting for Kratom reform in Thailand.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia / Clip

The Secret Kratom Plants of Thai Farmers

Hamilton meets with the people of southern Thailand using kratom in secret.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

Peyote: The Divine Messenger

Hamilton hunts and ingests mescaline-containing Peyote.
What The Hell Is That Sport?

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is basically volleyball with your feet, and it's awesome.
States of Undress / Clip

The Struggles of Being Trans in Thailand

Thai model, Sarina, tells Hailey about the struggles transgender people in Thailand face each day.
States of Undress

Thai Transgender Beauty Pageant

In Thailand, Hailey learns about how transgender models are redefining fashion.
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Thirty Pairs of Yeezys and a Ferrari: Meet the Asian John Daly

Kiradech Aphibarnrat has become an underground golf celebrity due to his love of jet skis, sneakers made by Kanye West and expensive cars. We traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to see him in action and get the full story.
Bong Appétit

High Thai Food

Chef Louis Tikaram prepares a cannabis-infused Thai dinner.