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Meet the Bahama Coral Farmers Regrowing the Ocean's Reefs

These coral farmers are regrowing Bahamian reefs that were destroyed in Hurricane Dorian.
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Closing Universities Is Creating a Housing Crisis for Students

Coronavirus and college: some students struggle to find temporary housing
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The World Bank Sold Bonds to Help Poor Countries Contain Pandemics. But They’ve Never Been Paid Out.

The fine print on the pandemic bonds says there's a 12-week waiting period, and by then the $196 million may be too little, too late.
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This Is What It's Like to Be in Prison During Coronavirus

VICE News talked to one inmate about what he’s seeing on the inside - no sanitizer, no social distancing, and guards with COVID.
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Trump’s Dangerous Coronavirus Name Game is Part of a Long, Crazy History

President Trump opened a press conference today devoted to an outbreak that has now killed more than 200 Americans without saying the word “coronavirus.” Instead, he substituted his chosen name: “The Chinese Virus.”
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How This Vietnam Veterans Memorial Changed the Way the U.S. Thought of the War

“A civil war really broke out between the military veterans of Vietnam over this design,” said Jan Scruggs, founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
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Meet the Conservatives Lobbying Lawmakers to Act on Climate Change

One of the participants, 22-year-old Jacob Abel, told VICE News that the party might lose young people like himself if it doesn’t lead more on climate policy.
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Coronavirus Is Helping the Environment — for Now

Why emissions drops during the pandemic won’t last
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Police Everywhere Are Using Loudspeakers to Tell People to Stay Home

Police all around the world are using loudspeakers to tell people to stay away from others and just stay home.
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The International Team Mapping the Real-Time Spread of Coronavirus

Think of it like Wikipedia, but an open database — curated by volunteers.
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Coronavirus Deaths Are Skyrocketing in Spain

A nurse in Spain explains the terror of the outbreak.
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Russia Is Using 5,000 Workers to Build a New Hospital as Coronavirus Cases Rise

Russia is building a hospital near Moscow that will accommodate up to 500 patients.