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Does Weed Affect Your Sexuality?

Some people think that cannabis has an effect on people’s sexuality. We test this theory using a spliff, a penis ring and some porn.
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Trying To Run A Professional Interview Whilst High

We test the effects of weed on the brain, and to explore how well you can retain information while high by sending a volunteer to interview a musician in Amsterdam.
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Medical Cannabis In The Maine Courts

Medical cannabis patient Garry Godfrey was kicked off the list for a kidney transplant because of his marijuana use. Now, he's taking his fight for his life to Maine state legislature.

Between Life and Dope

In Maine, a man is denied a life-saving kidney transplant because he uses pot.
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The Geographic and Socioeconomic Factors of Organ Transplants

We meet a husband and wife team that analyze transplant data across the country to learn about organ transplant disparity.
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Colombia’s Post War Pot Progression

Krishna meets with former illicity cannabis farmer Juan Bastilla to learn about the violence that occurred in Colombia when FARC and the government were against one another.

Colombian Gold

Will pot legalization in Colombia help usher in the country’s new age of peace?
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Can I Smoke Weed in India?

Can you smoke weed in the ocean? Krishna of WEEDIQUETTE is here to help you find out.

Possessed by Pot

Did weed cause a young woman to murder a local pastor?
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Possessed by Marijuana: The Camille Browne Case

Camille Browne entered a psychotic state when she was 19, killing Reverend Browning. Could this be because of weed?
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Denver’s Cannabis Boom and Housing Bust

In Denver, the rise of the legal cannabis business has a connection to a major problem: rising rents leading to a lack of affordable housing and increased homelessness.
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Can I Smoke Weed In the Ocean?

Can you smoke weed in the ocean? Krishna of WEEDIQUETTE is here to help you find out."