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One Star Reviews / S1 EP9

Stripping and Piercing

Taji visits a strip club with low reviews & gets a body piercing at a tattoo bar.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP8

Teeth Whitening and Movers

Taji gets his teeth whitened & hires a low rated mover to help a stranger.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP7

Chemical Peel and Buffet

Taji gets a facial from a badly reviewed doctor & fills up on a low rated buffet.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP6

Colonics and Bowling

Taji gets a colonic at a low-rated spa & checks out sketchy a 24 hr bowling alley.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP4

Hookah and Tango

Taji tries out a badly reviewed hookah bar and takes a low rated tango lesson.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP2

Fishing and Bath House

Taji fishes on a poorly rated charter boat & visits a low rated bath house.
One Star Reviews / S1 EP1

Dating Coach and Date

Taji visits a poorly rated dating coach and tests it out on a blind date.
One Star Reviews / Clip

One Star Reviews - Trailer

Taji gets his colon cleaned, teeth whitened, nipple pierced and visits a psychic, dating coach, strip club and 14 more businesses plagued by bad reviews to see if they are as bad as their reviews make them out to be.
One Star Reviews / web

Adjusting My Back At A One Star Chiropractor

There has been concern about the state of Taji's back for a little while now, so he finally made an appointment with a Chiropractor.
One Star Reviews / web

Firearms Training at a One Star Gun Range

Taji enrols in a firearms training course to get an understanding of gun safety. He attends his training at Marshall Security in Compton, CA - a business that has received many one-star reviews. As always, Taji does whatever it takes to get to them.
One Star Reviews / web

Jumping Off A Cliff with A One-Star Paraglider

Taji jumps from 2800-feet with a one-star-rated paraglider.
One Star Reviews / web

Going Undercover as a Stripper

On the latest One Star Reviews, Taji Ameen is on the search for the lowest rated male strip club in Florida.