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Arctic challenge - Will Greenwood Episode 3

In this third and final episode, Will takes a plane from the northern most town in the world, Longyearbyen, Svalbard, to private Russian temporary ice base, Camp Barneo.
Amuse Specials

Arctic challenge - Will Greenwood Episode 2

Follow Rugby World Cup winner, Will Greenwood MBE as he prepares to trek to the North Pole raising money for premature birth charity, Borne.

La bóveda de semillas del Ártico

Conoceremos el gigantesco almacén ubicado en la isla de Svalbard, al norte de Noruega, cuya finalidad es la preservación de las semillas de todo el mundo.
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Will Climate Change Reveal a Long Abandoned U.S. Military Base Buried in Greenland?

Motherboard's Kate Lunau explains why there is no easy solution to military waste
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March 9 - Angela Davis and the Radicals Who Want to Abolish America's Prisons

Plus, we go inside Tinashe's tour bus to talk about how the music industry is still a man's world and an Arctic-inspired feast in Ottawa.

This Ancient Siberian Bacteria Could Hold the Secret to Immortality

After injecting himself with ancient bacteria found in Russian permafrost, Anatoli Brouchkov says he feels healthier than ever before.
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Un homme et des ours

Matthew, 47 ans, s'est fait sauvagement attaquer par un ours polaire alors qu'il faisait une randonnée dans l'Arctique.
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Savior Seeds

Isobel Yeung visits the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, high in the Arctic, to see what's truly at stake when humans try to improve on nature.