Bullets & Ballet

Ballet & Balas: Bailando fuera de las favelas

VICE acompaña a la maestra de ballet, Tuany Nascimento, y a su escuela por las favelas de Río. En medio de un enfrentamiento entre cárteles rivales de la droga y la policía militar, a menudo tienen que esconderse de los disparos durante las clases.
Stay Melo

Carmelo Anthony Explores Rio and its Favelas

Carmelo Anthony won some hardware when he visited Rio for the Olympics, but he still wanted more out of the trip.
Beyond Beauty

Inside Brazil's Favelas and the Rise of the New Afro Hair Movement

In our second episode of Beyond Beauty Grace meets a brave new generation of young black women challenging racial discrimination - redefining Sao Paulo's beauty ideals, through the Afro Hair Movement and reclaiming their cultural identity.
Beyond Beauty

Behind Brazil's Extreme Beauty Addiction

Our favorite tattoo-covered alien princess discovers more about the pressures to have the 'perfect body' and long hair.
Culture Beat

Burning Man, A Brazilian Homage to Hip Hop and Big Data Roses

We head to the Black Rock, Nevada campsite home of the legendary Burning Man festival and check out the incredible art structures built throughout the grounds.

Afghan Money Pit and The Pacification of Rio

Shane Smith travels to Kabul to follow the trail of American money pouring into the Afghan reconstruction. Then, VICE travels to Rio de Janeiro, where the Brazilian government took extreme measures to clean up the city for the World Cup and Olympics.
VICE News Specials

Impeachment in Brazil

VICE News was in Brazil as congress voted on whether to impeach President Rousseff.
Daily VICE

Miss Max Prison Pageant

We also meet Colombia's guerrilla fighters, go courtside at the Davis Cup, and catch up with party monster Michael Alig.
VICE News Specials

The Promised Land: Cocaine and Faith In The Amazon

VICE News travels to Peru to meet the Israelites, a religious group that migrated to the Peruvian Amazon in 1995 and who also may be involved in transnational drug trade.
Being Frank

Alex Atala's Ultimate Guide to Brazil

The Franks hit Brazil for a whirlwind tour led by Alex Atala, one of the world's best and most influential chefs.
VICE Reports

Το Νησί των Φιδιών

Ο μεγαλύτερος πληθυσμός ενός από τα πιο δηλητηριώδη είδη φιδιών στον κόσμο, βρίσκεται περίπου 90 μίλια ανοικτά από την ακτή του Santos στη Βραζιλία.

Deforestation and Slavery in the Amazon

In Brazilië kan opkomen voor het regenwoud je zomaar je leven kosten.