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New Era of Canadian Sex Work

Canada's Sex Laws come under fire
VICE Canada Reports

Soldiers of Odin

VICE News investigates the Soldiers of Odin and their declared commitment to preserving Canadian values
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Best of 2016: We Hang With Insane Clown Posse on Canada Day

We caught up with rap group Insane Clown Posse and their devoted following of juggalos in Toronto.
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What the People Pushing for Legalization Think of Canada's Vision for a National Weed Regime

VICES Manisha Krishnan tells us what the people pushing for legal weed think of the task force's report.
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How to Buy a Gun in Canada: Armed and Reasonable

With growing gun ownership in Canada but low rates of gun violence and death, could Canadian-style gun control laws serve as a good middle-of-the-road model for the USA?
Relapse: Opioid Crisis in Canada

How I Beat Fentanyl

A fentanyl addiction took over A'lisa Ramsey's life, this is how she got it back.
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How Taxing Weed in Canada Could Backfire

Rachel Browne talks to us about the possible profits and consequences Canada could be seeing in the coming years once legalization becomes a reality.

How Tiga Ignited Montreal's Dance Music Movement

We meet DJ entrepreneur Tiga, who shares with us how he revolutionized the Montreal party scene by staying true to himself and rejecting convention.
Canadian Cannabis

La ruée vers l’or vert

Plusieurs États américains ont légalisé la marijuana – et le Canada pourrait bien faire prochainement la même chose.
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Treating Ukrainian Veterans' PTSD With Service Dogs

VICE News meets Hero’s Companion, an organization providing service dogs to treat Ukrainian soldiers’ PTSD.
Stay Melo

Behind-the-Scenes with Carmelo Anthony at All-Star Weekend

We spent some time with him off the court in Toronto and watched his prep alma mater Oak Hill play Orangeville Prep, a team of young Canadian high school stars.
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Inside the Alberta Wildfires

Alberta’s premier heads to Fort McMurray as fire's growth slows