Noisey Specials

Cocinando con Lil Moss: Skinny Flaco + Buco

Lil Moss invita a Rels B y a Buco a cocinar un plato típico de las Islas Baleares, lugar de nacimiento de sus invitados.
Chef's Night Out

Chef's Night Out: Hija de Sanchez

In this episode of Chef's Night Out, Rosio cooks up a taco feast for her friends before they head out on the town in Copenhagen.
Chef's Night Out / web

Delicious Terrines and Drunk Tattoos in Switzerland

In the first ever Swiss edition of Chef’s Night Out we follow Chef Moritz Stiefel and his buddies on a night out through Luzern. The next day he wakes up with a hangover – as well as a new tattoo on his ankle.
How-To / web

Como cortar un jamón

Un experto cortador profesional de jamón nos da todos los trucos para cortar un jamón, no es tan sencillo como puede parecer.
Chef's Night Out

Jello Shots, Kimchi, and Bloody Mary's with Christina Tosi

This is the sweetest episode of Munchies we've ever done. Breakfast at Dairy Queen? Jello shots and kimchi bloody mary's for the car ride? Yeah, it has all that.

F*ck, That's Delicious: lo mejor de la multiculturalidad

Action Bronson visita DC, Atlanta y Miami, para comer en los mejores restaurantes del país, prueba la auténtica barbacoa sureña y aprende a hacer escalope con papaya.
How-To / web

How to Make Don's Special Daiquiri with Daniele Dalla Pola

Daniele Dalla Pola„tiki guru and master of the Hawaiian shirt„shows us how to tropical-ize the classic daiquiri by adding extra rum, honey, and tangy passionfruit. This riff on the original daiquiri is dedicated to Don the Beachcomber, the founding father
How-To / web

How-To: Make a Banana Pokie Pokie with Daniele Dalla Pola

Ever wanted to spice up your morning smoothie? Why not punch it with a little rum? The Banana Pokie Pokie is a beautifully tropical twist on the classic daiquiri. Daniele Dalla Pola„tiki master, and owner of the Nu Bar in Bologna, Italy„shows us how to ma
Chef's Night Out

Smoked Meats, Late Night Chinese and Lap Dancing: Chef's Night Out with Mitch Orr

We follow Sydney’s Prince of Pasta Mitch Orr and his fellow Sydney celebrity chefs on a debaucherous journey of the city’s institutional venues and most hyped eateries.
Chef's Night Out

Chef's Night Out: Lodge Bread

In this episode of Chef's Night Out, Or Amsalam and Alexander Phaneuf of Lodge Bread in Culver City, Los Angeles gather up their friends for a night out at some of their favorite South Bay spots.
How-To / web

Mousse de chocolate con Matty Matheson

Qué sería de la vida sin postres golosos. Matty está aquí para enseñarnos a hacer este ligero y suave mousse de chocolate.
Dead Set On Life / S3 EP6

Two Big Chefs in Kiwi Country

Morgan & Matty are two big dawgs on a Māori mission in New Zealand.