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Best of 2016: We Smashed Away Our Stress at Toronto's Rage Room

VICE's Amil Niazi suits up and smashes her way to inner-peace at Toronto's Rage Room.
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Conspiracy Theory: Why Part of the Internet Believes Finland Doesn't Exist

VICE's Mack Lamoureux went down the rabbit hole to find out what some people online believe about a country they say was always too good to be true.
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Best of 2016: We Hang With Insane Clown Posse on Canada Day

We caught up with rap group Insane Clown Posse and their devoted following of juggalos in Toronto.
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Daily VICE's Guide to Alterna-Nog: We Test the Latest in Eggnog Innovation

We tested three of alternatives to traditional eggnog to help you navigate the expanding eggnog market.
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'Reclaiming My Chineseness': Musician Peggy Hogan Turns to Hip Hop and Makes a Name Change

We met Peggy Hogan at a nail salon to talk about the shift in her identity and her music.
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Sneak Peek: We Debate The Future Of 'Daddy' As Slang in 2017

Here is a sneak peek at the debate over the future of the word 'Daddy,' with more to come on Daily VICE next week.
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Super Simple Ramen: How to Make Korean 'Army Stew' in a Bag

We met up with Deuki Hong in the VICE New York kitchen to learn how to make Korean 'army stew', a super simple ramen recipe for the next time you're stoned
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Launch of Dispensary Chain in Montreal Pushes the Limits of Quebec's Grey Market

Two of Canada's best-known pot activists and entrepreneurs are testing the limits of the grey market in Quebec.
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Bye-Bye Daily VICE App: We've Moved to the VICE App

The Daily VICE app will officially close on February 2, 2017.
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'Laughter Takes the Edge Off': How Comedy Is Helping Fight Vancouver's Opioid Crisis

We met Comedian Mark Hughes as he got ready to host a comedy night fundraiser in support of a grassroots safe injection site.
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Eating Jerk Chicken With The DJ Who Brought Her LGBT Inclusive Dance Parties To Montreal

We met up with Nino Brown over jerk chicken to find out what motivated her to expand these parties into Montreal.
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Dog Sledding With Fort McMurray's Only Female Musher

In this extra scene of Payday, we meet Christina, Fort Mac's only female musher, and learn about the challenges of managing a team of 20 dogs.