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Conoce a los punks cubanos que se infectaron con VIH como protesta

VICE se reúne con algunos sobrevivientes de Los Frikis, un movimiento punk cubano cuyos miembros se infectaron voluntariamente con VIH a principios de los años 90.
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Gay blood: A year of abstinence to donate

VICE travels to Washington D.C. to meet a man drawing attention to prohibitive restrictions on blood donations from gay men.
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We Talked to David France About Activism in the Age of Trump

We sit down with the journalist and filmmaker to discuss his new documentary, 'How to Survive a Plague'.
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La silenciosa epidemia del VIH en EE. UU

Viajamos a Jackson, Mississippi, una de las ciudades más golpeadas del sur americano por la epidemia del VIH para investigar porque ha llegado a estos niveles entre los hombres negros gais.
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Getting High on HIV Medication

Hamilton travels to South Africa to interview efavirenz users and dealers and study how the life-saving medicine came to become part of a dangerous cocktail.
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The Silent Rise of HIV in Chile

VICE News partnered with the University of British Colulmbia to investigate Chile's rising HIV problem.
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Trans in Thailand (Part 3)

We're back in Thailand once more, with an organization doing critical outreach to parts of the transgender community on Today's 'Daily VICE'

VICE Special Report: Countdown to Zero

For our VICE on HBO Special Report, 'Countdown to Zero,' VICE Co-Founder Suroosh Alvi travelled to South Africa, the country with the highest number of HIV infections in the world, to take a look at how doctors and rural clinics there are fighting to
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The End of HIV? The Truvada Revolution

VICE explores the future of Truvada and its revolutionary impact on ending HIV/AIDs.