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El reparto y el equipo técnico de 'Blade Runner 2049' reflexionan sobre la película original

En VICE hablamos con Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling y el director Denis Villeneuve, quienes nos explicaron cómo el emblemático filme de 1982 influyó en su decisión de participar en 'Blade Runner 2049'.
Chef's Night Out

Ink.'s Michael Voltaggio in Hollywood

We follow his star-studded crew for a night full of bowling competitions, enormous pork shanks, and yards of beer.
The Process / web

Creating Cutting-Edge Sci-Fi with Analog Effects | The Process

In form and execution, Approaching The Unknown solidifies our fascinations with Mars as the next great frontier for science and civilization.
VICE Talks Film

Kevin Bacon on 'Cop Car'

Kevin Bacon sat down with us to talk about the nuances of the movie industry, his career progression, and his latest turn as a crooked, mustachioed lawman.
Broadly Meets

Rose McGowan nos habla del sexismo en Hollywood

Rose McGowan saltó a la fama a finales de los 90 gracias a papeles explosivos en películas de terror como 'La generación maldita', 'Scream' o 'Planet Terror'.

ReForm | Creating 3D Digital Actors

We explore the frontier of the 3D face-and body-scanning technology used to create digital doubles for films, video games, and holograms.
The Real

Der echte Wolf of Wall Street?

Ende der 90er Jahre war Dana Giacchetto der Buchhalter der berühmten Stars. Doch dann wurde er zu gierig.
My Life Online

Secrets of a Sex Writer

Sex writer Rachel Rabbit White thinks fucking is so great that she spends a lot of her time writing about it (and occasionally having it).