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Menores Yihadistas

Según los datos del Ministerio del Interior, cerca de 200 españoles fueron captados por Estado Islámico y viajaron a Siria y a Irak a combatir.

Arges Artiaga: un español contra Estado Islámico

El español Arges Artiaga pasó cuatro meses combatiendo en las filas de la milicia kurda de las YPG contra Estado Islámico, como francotirador y jefe de unidad.
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Comunistas españoles contra Estado Islámico

El host de VICE Pedro García Campos entrevista al “Camarada Martos”, uno de los muchos jóvenes comunistas que han ido a luchar contra el Estado Islámico.
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How will Trump's foreign policy affect Mosul?

Ben Anderson reports from outside Mosul after Iraqi forces announce that Eastern Mosul is now liberated from ISIS forces.
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ISIS in Afghanistan

ISIS is gaining ground in Afghanistan as it's driven out of Iraq and Syria
Underreported Greece

Back to Syria: The Fighter

We met with a Kurdish refugee days before he left Greece to go back to war.
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President Barack Obama Speaks With VICE News

VICE founder Shane Smith interviews President Barack Obama, discussing a host of issues important to Americans, from foreign policy and marijuana legalization to global warming and political gridlock.
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Pushing Back the Islamic State: The Battle for Rojava (Dispatch 1)

VICE News secured exclusive access to YPG fighters as they cleared the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakah of Islamic State militants.
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Attacked by ISIS on the road to Mosul

VICE News traveled with the Peshmerga's elite Zerevani division as they pushed north through IS-held countryside.
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A Sniper In Iraq's Golden Division Remembers His Fallen Comrade

A sniper in Iraq’s Golden Division remembers his fallen comrade, considered the best sniper in the country.
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Fighting the Islamic State with Iraq’s Golden Division: The Road to Fallujah

VICE News embeds with Iraq’s Golden Division Special Forces as they battle the Islamic State.
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The Road to Fallujah (Trailer)

VICE News embeds with Iraq’s Golden Division Special Forces as they battle IS.