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Han pasado 35 años desde que inició la epidemia del VIH. No han desarrollado una vacuna para prevenirlo y el PrEP es lo más cercano que existe.

Gaycation: Japón

Ellen e Ian están en Japón en un viaje que incluye asistir a la boda de unos amigos en un templo budista, trabajar en una agencia de alquiler de amigos e irse de fiesta al bar gay más pequeño del mundo.
Out of This World

meet the political artists and musicians creating safe spaces in johannesburg

Out Of This World's series finale sees Mykki meet FAKA a ground-breaking performance art-duo, Fela Gucci and Desire Marea. The three discuss queer erasure and celebrating their community LGBTQI through their work.
Out of This World

south africa's queer fashion designers and trans activists subverting masculinity

The second episode of Out Of This World brings you Mykki's exploration of fashion in Johannesburg. Mykki meets local designer Rich Mnisi and model Luke van der Burg.
Out of This World

exploring queer identity with south africa's born-free generation and lgbtqi activists

In this episode Mykki meets Johannesburg's talented youth; dancer Bradley and his boyfriend Nkulsey, a model and psychology student to talk about queer love in the zulu territory and joins artist-activist Umlilo on a Femme Walk of queer visibility.
Out of This World

mykki blanco nos presenta a la comunidad queer de johannesburgo

Out Of This World, una nueva serie documental de i-D, viaja junto al rapero y activista norteamericano Mykki Blanco conforme explora la cultura queer en Johannesburgo. Mykki se reúne con los artistas que emplean sus plataformas para dar voz a los problema
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Gay blood: A year of abstinence to donate

VICE travels to Washington D.C. to meet a man drawing attention to prohibitive restrictions on blood donations from gay men.
Tonic Specials

La silenciosa epidemia del VIH en EE. UU

Viajamos a Jackson, Mississippi, una de las ciudades más golpeadas del sur americano por la epidemia del VIH para investigar porque ha llegado a estos niveles entre los hombres negros gais.
Loverboy Takes New York

Club Kid Explores New York's Underground Queer Club Scene

Meet the Insta-famous It-kids bringing life back to the night! London designer Charles Jeffrey takes a tour of New York before the sun goes down, and experiences his first night out in Manhattan with NYC's new club kids.
Underreported Greece

Transgender in Greece

We met two young trans people to see how life treats them in the country of Greece.
VICE Talks Film

Barry Jenkins, the Director of "Moonlight"

This coming-of-age drama follows a boy named Chiron as he grapples with his identity and sexuality, and navigates life in a rough neighborhood in Miami.
Daily VICE

We Still Don't Have Basic Rights:' A Look At India's Controversial LGBT Law

We talked to filmmaker Sridhar Rangayan who has spent his career documenting gay rights in India and the discrimination India's LGBTQ population faces