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Mac and Cheese with Matty Matheson

Instead of wasting time with breadcrumbs and Parmesan to give this gratin its crusty crunch, Matty has employed Cheetos to do the job.
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Mousse de chocolate con Matty Matheson

Qué sería de la vida sin postres golosos. Matty está aquí para enseñarnos a hacer este ligero y suave mousse de chocolate.
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Trucha almendrada

Matty Matheson preparar esta clásica trucha almendrada, y nos da una lección: "cocinar es fácil, solo ten listo todo antes de comenzar".
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Sándwich de bistec con Matty Matheson

Matty nos muestra cómo hacer un delicioso sándwich de bistec con chimichurri de kale y mayonesa.
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Bounce Legend Cheeky Blakk Takes Us to New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward

Bounce Legend Cheeky Blakk Takes Us to New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward
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The Home of Hot Sauce

A visit to Tabasco’s Home of Hot Sauce in Avery Island, Louisiana, hosted by Matty Matheson.
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Roll With Me: Lobster Rolls with Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson is here to teach us how to make the lobster roll to end all lobster rolls.
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Make Grilled Cheese with Matty Matheson and Kids

Don’t be a pickle narc and enjoy your grilled cheeses.
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How A Brush With Death Inspired the Opening for Matty Matheson's New VICELAND Show

We talk to Matty about the chaos of the opening sequence of Dead Set On Life and the adventures we can expect in his new show.
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Sneak Peek: Matty Matheson Makes Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Kids

In the latest episode of 'How To' on Munchies, Matty Matheson gets some help from the ultimate!
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How To Make Squad Fried Chicken With Matty Matheson

It’s not Southern fried chicken—it’s “squad fried chicken,” which can be from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a good group of buddies to share it with.
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A Sneak Peek At How To Make Fried Chicken With Matty

In this new episode of 'How To', Matty shares his go-to recipe for fried chicken to eat with your squad.