Bienvenidos a la selva

El personal arregla frenéticamente las cañerías de agua ante la llegada de ochenta becarios, que se despiden de sus familias y de la comodidad de sus hogares para adentrarse en la selva de Panamá y construir un pueblo improvisado.

Supermegacaro: Un caprichito

Durante una cena de 10.000 dólares, 2 Chainz y Action Bronson reflexionan sobre una cuestión ancestral: si uno mismo no se permite lujos innecesarios, ¿quién lo hará?
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Why are so many tech companies worth billions?

Investors use a form of analysis called valuation to determine what a private company is worth. But is art or science?
How To Be A Person

How to ask for a raise — and actually get it

Getting a raise is hard for everyone. It's even harder if you're black or a woman. Here are some strategies for you to get more money
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Meet the Teen Finance Guru Who Makes More Money Than You

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we meet up with 18-year-old Jacob Wohl who built his own controversial hedge fund in Los Angeles.
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'My Parents Help Me': The Sad State of Financial Literacy Among Young People

VICE's Jake Kivanc went to Ryerson University to ask students how much they know about managing their money.

Afghan Money Pit and The Pacification of Rio

Shane Smith travels to Kabul to follow the trail of American money pouring into the Afghan reconstruction. Then, VICE travels to Rio de Janeiro, where the Brazilian government took extreme measures to clean up the city for the World Cup and Olympics.
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England's Lord of Fraud: Wolf of the West End

In 2014, convicted fraudster and infamous British socialite "Lord" Edward Davenport was released early from prison under controversial circumstances.

Im Kampf gegen Tokios korruptes Diamantensyndikat

Das japanische Diamantengeschäft ist übersättigt mit Mittelsmännern. Wir folgen Kyoji Sasaki bei seinem Versuch, die Industrie zu revolutionieren.
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The Disturbing Truth Behind the 'Spitman' Urban Legend

eenage boys, deviant acts and cold, hard cash – Spitman was a West London council estate myth until the mobile phone footage turned up.
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La très lucrative industrie du divorce

Chaque année, on compte un million de divorces aux États-Unis – soit un toutes les 36 secondes, ce qui fait une quantité astronomique de cœurs brisés.