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Soldiers of Odin

VICE News investigates the Soldiers of Odin and their declared commitment to preserving Canadian values

En conversation avec Didier Drogba

La vedette du soccer Didier Drogba a annoncé récemment qu’il quittait l’Impact de Montréal. On l’a rejoint après un entraînement pour discuter des enjeux de son pays d’origine, la Côte d’Ivoire.
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Launch of Dispensary Chain in Montreal Pushes the Limits of Quebec's Grey Market

Two of Canada's best-known pot activists and entrepreneurs are testing the limits of the grey market in Quebec.
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QC Bud: The Black Market's Last Stand

With cannabis legalization around the corner, the “green rush” is already starting in Quebec. This VICE doc explores what the complicated transition from a black to a legal cannabis market will look like in Quebec.
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Eating Jerk Chicken With The DJ Who Brought Her LGBT Inclusive Dance Parties To Montreal

We met up with Nino Brown over jerk chicken to find out what motivated her to expand these parties into Montreal.

Le peuple de l'herbe: la cannabusiness au Québec

L'emprise du crime organisé sur le marché québécois du weed est censée se détendre avec la légalisation.
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The Protest That Shut Down an Alleged Neo-Nazi Metal Concert in Montreal

Graveland were set to headline Montreal's Messe des Morts music festival but a protest broke out before their show.
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Montreal Videogame Company Knows You're Shitting Your Pants

Independent Montreal-based video game company, Red Barrels, recently released the demo of Outlast 2. We caught up with them as they shot their Kickstarter video.
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We Go Axe Throwing With Montreal Rap Group 'The Posterz'

We spoke to Montreal rap trio The Posterz group about their upcoming projects in between throwing axes.
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Visions of an Alternate Earth: How One Photographer Is Merging Science and Art

We met photographer Osheen Harruthoonyan to find out why he says looking at his photos is like looking through a telescope and a microscope at the same time.

Dead Obies: Made au Québec

Lors de trois des derniers concerts à guichet fermé du groupe post-rap Dead Obies à Montréal, plus de la moitié des spectateurs étaient mineurs.

How Tiga Ignited Montreal's Dance Music Movement

We meet DJ entrepreneur Tiga, who shares with us how he revolutionized the Montreal party scene by staying true to himself and rejecting convention.