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Delicate Steve

We trail Delicate Steve, moniker of multi-instrumentalist Steve Marion, for bouldering and strength-based tips.
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Adam Machin

The New York-based tattoo artist and Jiu Jitsu enthusiast trains out of one of the most renowned academies in New York.
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How to Do Pull-Ups with Delicate Steve

Musician and multi-instrumentalist Delicate Steve shows us some tips for the perfect pull-up.
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How to do Jiu Jitsu with Adam Machin

The New York-based tattoo artist and Jiu Jitsu enthusiast demonstrates the Kimura, a popular submission move in mixed martial arts.
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Kiran Gandhi

When she’s not touring with M.I.A., Los Angeles-based drummer Kiran Gandhi can be found building strength through battle ropes.
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How to Use Battle Ropes with Kiran Gandhi

When she's not touring, the LA-based drummer can be found building strength through battle ropes.
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Running is the Worst Way to Get Fit

Studies show that running is an inefficient way to burn fat and build muscle. And yet, it’s the most popular exercise on earth after walking.
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La silenciosa epidemia del VIH en EE. UU

Viajamos a Jackson, Mississippi, una de las ciudades más golpeadas del sur americano por la epidemia del VIH para investigar porque ha llegado a estos niveles entre los hombres negros gais.
Yes Man

Butt Enhancement

Tonic's resident "Yes Man" Grant Stoddard receives a butt enhancement and takes photographer Ellen Hart along to document it.
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Welcome to Tonic

Tonic, VICE's new health channel, showcases the variety of content rolling out in the coming weeks.
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Hepatitis Country: Inside America's Hep C Epidemic

3.5 million people in the United States and infected with Hep C, Vice traveled to Huntington, West Virginia to see one of the communities who have been hit the hardest.
International Mom Advice

Ukrainian Skin Remedy

We document sometimes strange, sometimes effective and always fascinating folk medicines and home remedis from around the world, as demonstrated by moms in their kitchens.