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Best of 2016: We Smashed Away Our Stress at Toronto's Rage Room

VICE's Amil Niazi suits up and smashes her way to inner-peace at Toronto's Rage Room.
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Eating Jerk Chicken With The DJ Who Brought Her LGBT Inclusive Dance Parties To Montreal

We met up with Nino Brown over jerk chicken to find out what motivated her to expand these parties into Montreal.
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The Fashion Designer That's Making Pop Art Clothing for Real People

Hayley Elsaesser's clothing designs really pop worn by stars like Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. We stopped by her Toronto shop and hung out for a recent fashion photo shoot
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Sneak Peek Behind The Chaos and Calm of Lizzo's Coconut Oil Tour

We spent an evening with Lizzo and her squad while they got ready for her show in Toronto. Here is a sneak peek, with more to come on Daily Vice next week.
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Cloud Versus Cloud: The Art Installation Mirroring the Spectacle of the Modern News Cycle

We met up with artist Mitchell F. Chan to check out his new installation which is a spectacle of 2 clouds colliding.
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Extended Cut: Chris Jericho on Wrestling, His Band Fozzy and Making Music With Kenny G

VICE's Damian Abraham recently caught up with Chris Jericho while he was in Toronto to talk about why his fans can always count on a quality product
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Noisey's New Doc Explores the Group Trying to Bring UK Grime to Canada

Producer Ryan Sidhoo sat down with VICE's Alasdair Clarke to chat about all things grime and garage. 'British Man Dem: Brits in the 6ix' airs this Thursday.
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Challenging the Colonial Narrative: Why This Artist Is Hacking 'Settlers of Catan'

Artist Golboo Amani is exploring the social dynamics of gaming. She's re-imagined the popular board game ‘Settlers of Catan,' adding 'allies' who work together against the settlers.We met up with her as she tested the project.
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Andy Shauf Performs His Album Outtake, 'My Brother Jeremy' in a Diner

We met up with Andy Shauf at his favourite diner to watch him perform an outtake from his album and find out why it didn't make the cut.
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Our 20 Minute Interview with Legendary Wrestler Chris Jericho in 60 Seconds

Here's what our conversation with Chris Jericho looks like in one minute.
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'Working Alone Is Lonely': Andy Shauf Tells Us What's Next After His Breakout Year

Andy Shauf recently made the move from Regina to Toronto, so we met up with him at his favourite diner in the city to see where his head is at after his big year.
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This Guy Illegally Hops Freight Trains To Get Around Canada

Dylan McVast has been train hopping for seven years. We met up with him by the train tracks in Toronto to find out more.