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Thomas Morton Tried to Learn About Trans Culture at His Library

'BALLS DEEP' host Thomas Morton brings us back to his library to talk about the books he read before he immersed himself in the word of two t-girls from the Bronx.
Underreported Greece

Transgender in Greece

We met two young trans people to see how life treats them in the country of Greece.
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Kate Bornstein: de líder de la Cienciología a icono trans de EE. UU.

Kate Bornstein es una de las más importantes contribuidoras al discurso de género del siglo XX y sus ideas siguen siendo igual de radicales en la actualidad.
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We Smoke Dabs with 'Against Me!'s' Laura Jane Grace and Talk Relationships and her Memoir 'Tranny' (Part 1)

Laura Jane Grace is the frontwoman for acclaimed punk band Against Me! and after coming out as transgender in 2012, she's become an advocate for the LGBTQ community.
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'It Was the Worst Time of My Life': A Transgender Syrian Refugee Tells Us Her Story

It's been about six months since the first Syrian refugees started arriving in Canada as part of the government's resettlement program.
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Miss Major's 40 Years Of Trans Activism

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy has been an icon in the fight for transgender rights for more than 40 years.
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We Meet a Transgender Woman Forced to Flee Her Home in Uganda

Cleopatra Kambugu was outed on the front page of a popular tabloid newspaper in Uganda in 2014 after the government announced draconian anti-gay laws.
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Wie sich 'Sailor Moon' in eine Zuflucht für die Queer-Kids der 90er verwandelt hat

Wir sind in die tolerante Welt der 'Sailor Moon'-Fangemeinde eingetaucht, um herauszufinden, wie die Serie dabei geholfen hat, Queer-Identitäten zu prägen und ein Gemeinschaftsgefühl zu erzeugen.
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Trans in Thailand (Part 2)

We're back in Thailand to hang out with one of the Ms. Tiffany Beauty Pageant contestants.
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Trans in Thailand (Part 1)

We go to Thailand to see how the country's evolving views are setting an example of trans acceptance.
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Trans in Thailand (Part 3)

We're back in Thailand once more, with an organization doing critical outreach to parts of the transgender community on Today's 'Daily VICE'
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Taxi to Mars

On this episode of Profiles by VICE, we meet Melissa, the unlikely transgender astronaut, to understand what motivates a person to relocate to another, unknown planet.