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New Era of Canadian Sex Work

Las leyes sexuales de Canadá están bajo fuego
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How-To: Make Ceviche with Javier Wong

Javier Wong is arguably the top ceviche-maker in Peruãsome even call him the godfather of ceviche. In this how-to video for MUNCHIES, he shares his ridiculously simple but perfect recipe.
American Obsessions

Obsesionados con Jerry Maguire

Se acaba de inaugurar en Los Ángeles un videoclub que solo tiene en existencia 14.000 copias en VHS de la película "Jerry Maguire".
VICE Meets

Marina Abramovic Still Doesn't Give a Fuck

We talk with Marina Abramović about her journey from an unhappy upbringing in the former Communist Yugoslavia to the pinnacle of the international art world.
Culture Beat

Striking Scenes, Illuminated Brooklyn, and Wild Performances | Culture Beat Episode 7

We check in with filmmaker Sam Cannon, re-visit the time artist Duke Riley released thousands of pigeons strapped with LEDs and chat with choreographer Katherine Maxwell.
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Das American: Christian Pulisic's Spectacular Rise

America may be the world's sole superpower, and the nation that put a man on the moon, yet despite all of this, it has never produced a single world-class footballer.
Culture Beat

Gritty Johannesburg, Human/Puppet Theater, and Canine Video Art

We visit LA-based canine groomer Jess Rona, see how theater group Phantom Limb combines human and puppet actors to surreal effect for their newest play, Memory Rings and finally head to the Kalashnikovv Gallery in Johannesburg.

Tattoo Artist Competition “Art in the Skin”

A young Greek tattoo artist won a competition in Athens and got to London as an award, to meet with the most famous tattoo artists in Europe.

Nigel Sylvester Doesn't Need BMX Competitions

In a uniquely intimate conversation with VICE Autobiographies, Nigel Sylvester shares the pivotal moment that ignited his rise in the world of BMX and the challenges he faced along the way.

Modern Day Exorcisms

Los EE. UU son el hogar de alrededor de un 20% de los exorcistas del mundo. VICE investiga por qué este fenómeno está al alza.
The Chosen Ones

How Narcissists Took Over the World

We investigate how narcissism became the psychological disorder du jour.

Jackie Cruz of 'Orange Is the New Black' on Tragedy, Adversity, and Inspiration

Jackie Cruz explains how surviving a tragic car accident at 17 not only reestablished her ties with her family, but forced her back into pursing a career in acting — eventually landing a role on Netflix's Orange Is the New Black.