Desastre Total Ultraviolento: La lucha libre más extrema

En un país donde la lucha libre es de los deportes más importantes, conocemos una de las ligas más sanguinarias y violentas del país: Desastre Total Ultraviolento.
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Street Legends - Canada's Beer Guzzling Arm Wrestler

Street Legends is a 3-part series featuring athletes who dominate a niche sport while balancing the nuances of day-to-day life. In this episode, we meet Evan Bourgoin, an infamous arm wrestling figure who is defending his belt on the local circuit.
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Mayweather vs. McGregor

VICE Sports explains why the Mayweather vs McGregor fight sounds like the dream match-up, but probably won't happen.
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Extended Cut: Chris Jericho on Wrestling, His Band Fozzy and Making Music With Kenny G

VICE's Damian Abraham recently caught up with Chris Jericho while he was in Toronto to talk about why his fans can always count on a quality product
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Bloodlust: Tournament of Death

Damian Abraham goes to Delaware to get an inside look at one of the most violent wrestling tournaments in the world.

#waypoint72 - Part 10

To celebrate the launch of Waypoint, VICE's new gaming website, we decided to do a massive, 72 hour long livestream over Halloween weekend.
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Reclaiming the Spirit of the Transformers Through Heavy Sounds

We caught up with The Cybertronic Spree, a Toronto-based heavy metal band at a Lucha T.O. Luchador wrestling match where they were the halftime entertainment.
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Wrestling Meets Metal: We Spent an Adrenaline-Fueled Day at Heavy Montréal

We went to check out Heavy Mania and talk to one of the wrestlers sweating it out in the ring.
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Lucha Libre Wrestling in the Bronx

We head to the Bronx Wrestling Federation to meet the small community of people behind the theatrical world of Mexican-style lucha libre wrestling.
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Cain Velasquez on Learning to Fight and Brown Pride

We take a drive with Cain as he takes us through his upbringing and explains why he enjoys punching people in the face.
The 2016 US Election

Trump Carolina

To guarantee victory he'll need to woo voters in South Carolina's Upstate region, which has the highest voter turnout in the state.
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Burning Effigies in the Streets of Great Britain

We also get inspirational life coaching from a young millennial, check out a wrestling school where amateurs train like WWE superstars, and more.