The Love Therapist With D Double E

The Love Therapist With D Double E: Pornstars

After giving love therapy to VICE staff, grime legend D Double E, aka Noisey’s Love Therapist, is back and is giving more relationship advice to people; this time round its to pornstars.
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World Cup of Rappers: A Boogie wit da Hoodie

A Boogie wit da Hoodie is the next rapper to decide who will be the winner of the Noisey World Cup of Rappers 2018.
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World Cup of Rappers: AJ Tracey

We give rappers the World Cup schedule – but instead of football teams squaring up, a bunch of the greatest rappers face up against each other. First up, Londoner AJ Tracey has to make his picks. Who will be his winner?
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Noisey Blackpool 2: One Year On

After the huge success of 'Noisey Blackpool', we bring you the sequel. Poet travels back to Blackpool one year on, to find out how the success of the first film has impacted on their lives and meets some of the new MCs in the scene.
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The People Vs. Krept and Konan

To celebrate the release of not one, but two spanking new mixtapes, South London duo Krept and Konan take on the trolls, the haters and a few nice people who have commented on their new video for ‘Wo Wo Wo'.
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Noisey & BBK Present: Jme “Man Don’t Care” (Opera Version)

To celebrate BBK's takeover of The O2, Noisey is proud to present the exclusive, never-before-seen opera version of Jme's stone cold anthem Man Don’t Care.
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Don't Call It Road Rap

Ein Jahr lang haben wir uns die Explosion britischen "Gangsta"-Raps im Umkreis von London angeschaut und ein paar der wichtigsten MCs der umstrittenen Szene begleitet.
Noisey Mental Health

No Smoking in The Booth: A Film About Skunk, Grime and Mental Health

Wir begleiten Jammer von Boy Better Know, um den Zusammenhang von Gras und geistigem Wohlbefinden zu erforschen.
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British Man Dem: How to Grow a Sound

The UK grime scene is growing in popularity in North America
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Noisey Blackpool: The Controversial Rise of Blackpool Grime

Noisey Blackpool begleitet die drei Hauptfiguren in Blackpools kontroverser Grime-Szene. Host Poet trifft sich mit Afghan Dan, Soph Aspin und Little T.
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Lady Leshurr on Needing a Bae and Not Being White

The UK MC clears up where she's from, who she's had a crush on, and her beef with people not brushing their teeth.
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Demons: A short Film About Music and Schizophrenia

UK rapper NoLay details how focussing on music and the catharsis of songwriting has helped her cope with her father’s schizophrenia and her own mental health demons.