Sex Workers in Saarland

Germany implemented some of the most liberal prostitution laws in Europe. Aimed at improving the legal and social status of women, the laws have had the opposite effect.
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Inside London's Hedonistic, Polyamorous Unicorn Movement

Donning glittery horns and galloping through London’s cold, monogamous streets, a charismatic former alcoholic who identifies as a unicorn forms a movement.
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Gaspar Noe on 'Love'

Wir haben uns mit dem provokanten Regisseur getroffen, um mit ihm über den Dreh seines sexuell sehr expliziten Werks zu sprechen.
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The Disturbing Truth Behind the 'Spitman' Urban Legend

eenage boys, deviant acts and cold, hard cash – Spitman was a West London council estate myth until the mobile phone footage turned up.
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The South Korean Love Industry

Exploring Seoul's sex motels and a penis park in South Korea's most romantic honeymoon spot.
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The Digital Love Industry

We investigate the future of love and sex in the digital age—including the evolution of the porn industry, "teledildonics," and virtual romance.
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I Posed as a Prostitute in a Turkish Brothel

Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova talks about her journey deep into the underworld of international sex trafficking.
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The Japanese Love Industry

We sent Ryan Duffy to investigate Tokyo's cuddle cafes and Yakuza-sponsored prostitution rings.
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Prostitutes of God

VICE travels to the Indian city of Sangli to meet a group of bolshy sex workers selling their bodies in the name of the Hindu Goddess Yellamma.
People Who Just Had Sex

Mike and Alice

We captured them right after they sixty-nined for the first time.
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Icelandic Elf Sex

Iceland is a country where the majority of people believe so firmly in elves extreme measures are taken to avoid upsetting them.