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People Vs.

The People Vs Scarlxrd

After 50 Cent, Cardi B and Migos, its King Scar aka Scarlxrd's turn to take on the internet trolls, in the latest episode of Noisey’s The People VS.
People Vs.

People vs. Fraads

Duoen Fraads svarer på homofobiske, berøringsangste og et par søde Facebook-kommentarer til deres "Heroppe"-video.
People Vs.

YG on Women, Weed, and Thugs

We caught up with YG in London and asked him to respond to some of the comments left about his video for "Left, Right" on YouTube.
People Vs.

Killer Mike and El-P on Hipsters and Sharkeisha

The duo known as Run the Jewels responds to some YouTube comments left about their video “36 Inch Chain.”
People Vs.

The People Vs Big Night Out

Depuis les débuts de l'émission Big Night Out, le journaliste Clive Martin a fait l'objet de nombreuses critiques sur YouTube. On lui a rendu justice en le laissant vous répondre.
People Vs.

The People Vs Flatbush Zombies

It's Flatbush Zombies' turn to wade through comments about drinking bleach, Kimbo Slice comparisons and fans jizzing into their earphones.
People Vs.

The People Vs Riff Raff

Oft mistaken for Bill Cosby and frequently painting portraits with his lyrics, Riff Raff sat down took a break to respond to some of the comments left on YouTube.
People Vs.

The People vs Action Bronson

Action Bronson a répondu aux commentaires de sa vidéo « Easy Rider », plus haut que jamais.
People Vs.

Waka Flocka Flame on Getting High and Comparisons to Tupac

Getting rooster in a Ferrari and being as high as giraffe pussy.