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The Last Express

In this episode of Guide to Games, we analyze The Last Express.
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« The 20th Century » : le dernier film de Matthew Rankin est comme une leçon d'histoire sur le crystal meth

« Chaque journée est une lutte. » On rencontre le cinéaste Matthew Rankin alors qu'il boucle le tournage de son long métrage sur la jeunesse de W. L. Mackenzie King.
Guide to Games

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind' Should be Your Favorite 'Elder Scrolls' Game

In this episode of Guide to Games, we take a look at what made Morrowind so great.
Long Story Short

How the Financial Crisis Led to Trump

In the first episode of Long Story Short, we look at how the financial crisis of 2008 may have led to the election of Donald Trump eight years later.
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The DJ's Who Turned Cuba's Economic Turmoil Into a Movement

In the economically devastated early 90s, DJs like D'Joy de Cuba, Wichy de Vedado, and DJ Jigüe, found catharsis in a new community of parties, clubs, and sounds.
SUB.Culture / Extrait

Meet the Pioneers Who Inspired Cuba's Dance Music Scene

In the early 1960s, oscillators, Moog synths, and dusty old tapes helped to cultivate an electroacoustic movement in Cuban music.
SUB.Culture / Extrait

SUB.Culture: Cuba

We delve into how a group of pioneering musicians in the early 1960s created an electroacoustic movement that coupled modern equipment with more traditional Cuban styles.
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Black Trademarked Photo Editing Software History: Robert Smalls

The forgotten black Civil War hero, Robert Smalls, is edited back into his rightful place in American History alongside Abraham Lincoln.

Thousands of Electric Pigeons Light Up the Brooklyn Sky | Animal Art

As artist Duke Riley proves in 'Fly by Night,' LED-equipped pigeons are the new performance art.
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Siberian Cult Leader Thinks He's Jesus

Deep in Siberia's Taiga forest is Vissarion, a cult leader who looks like Jesus and claims to be the voice of God.