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On parle de diversité dans le rap avec Nomadic Massive

Le groupe chante en arabe, en créole, en français, en anglais et en espagnol, et compte deux des meilleures rappeuses de la province.
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Pierre Kwenders et les souvenirs de son arrivée au Canada

L'art de mal draguer les filles selon Pierre Kwenders.
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En coulisses avec la troupe militante La Pocha Nostra

S'étendre nu entre deux carcasses de porc sur scène, c'est aussi protester contre Trump pour les artistes de La Pocha Nostra.
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The Silent Rise of HIV in Chile

VICE News partnered with the University of British Colulmbia to investigate Chile's rising HIV problem.
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Leave EU Supporters Launch Latest Ad in Controversial Campaign

VICE News headed to Clacton, where UKIP leader Nigel Farage today unveiled the latest poster for their campaign to leave the EU.
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British Voters Explain Why They're Voting to Stay in the European Union

British voters explain why they're voting to stay in the European Union.
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These British Voters Tell Us Why They Want Their Country to Leave the European Union

The People Speak on Brexit: Why I am voting to leave the EU.
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Europe's Jewish Exodus

Reporting from France, Ukraine, Israel, and the Palestinian territories, VICE News investigates claims that Jewish people are fleeing Europe for Israel in record numbers.
Huang’s World / S1 EP3


Eddie travels along the border of Mexico to learn about the dynamic between a developing country and a first world super power.
The 2016 US Election

Immigrant Iowa

VICE News travelled to Iowa to talk to immigration activists like Kenia Calderon, and the voters who will determine the results of the nation's first caucus.
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Gangs of El Salvador (Part 5)

VICE News correspondent Danny Gold examines how with deaths on both sides, the cycle of killings and retaliation shows no signs of stopping.
VICE News Specials / Extrait

Gangs of El Salvador (Part 4)

VICE News correspondent Danny Gold reports ​on how it is the country's youngest who are often most at risk from the violence.​