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Le musicien Geoffroy explique comment les champignons magiques ont influencé un de ses vidéoclips

La fois où Geoffroy s'est purifié à l'aide de drogue. Pour le bienfait d'un vidéoclip, of course.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia / Extrait

Inside a Clandestine Mushroom Lab

Hamilton meets a few mushroom kingpins in their subterranean mushroom chamber.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia / S1 EP4

Magic Mushrooms in Mexico

Hamilton meets Mexican mushroom shamans, clandestine growers and taxonomists.
How-To / web

Make Korean Beef Brisket Stew with Kimchi Pete

Australian chef Kimchi Pete shows us how to make a Korean Stew with beef brisket.
How-To / web

Make Pumpkin Pizza with Thom Beers

There's nothing scarier on Halloween than a bad meal.

Fungus: The Plastic of the Future

Motherboard talks to the scientists and designers hoping to create a viable, sustainable alternative to plastic from and unlikely source: fungus.
The Dinner Bell

A California Road Trip Feast with David Benjamin Sherry

A feast fit for a photographer: Julia Ziegler-Haynes cooks for David Benjamin Sherry in Northern California.
Fat Prince / web

Lobster-Truffle Pizza With Jeff Mahin and Lamorne Morris

Andy Milonakis teams up with dough pro Jeff Mahin of Stella Barra Pizzeria and Do-Rite Donuts and Lamorne Morris of The New Girl.
MUNCHIES Guide to... / web

Oaxaca: The Magic Mushrooms of San José del Pacífico (Part 3)

Host Daniel Hernández meets Don Leonardo, a native resident of San José, who guides Daniel on a very special trip with the local specialty: hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Meet the Mushroom Composer

Listen to the music that mushrooms make and write it down for those of us who can't hear their songs. Which mushrooms, exactly? Every single damn one of them.