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Mariah The Scientist on the Most Important Part of Making Music

Mariah the Scientist sits down with Trey Smtih to answer lives tough questions, including the anatomy of a sandwich, getting stoned (biblically), and the best type of revenge.
Short-Form Digital

Voice Runners: Rapping to Save Our Future

On Climate Day 2020, we check in with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a climate activist-turned-rapper balancing the weight of impending environmental catastrophe with a young man's self expression through music.
F*ck, That’s Delicious / Extrait

F*CK, THAT’S DELICIOUS Season 1 Trailer

F*ck, That's Delicious chronicles the life and eating habits of rap/s greatest bon vivant, Action Bronson.
VICE Shorts

The Track Masters

In deze korte documentaire volgen we The Track Masters, twee legendarische producers uit New York, terwijl ze werken aan nieuwe muziek in Amsterdam.
Noisey Shorties

Jesus Loves Goths

VICE’s Jak Hutchcraft stumbled across a bible study group for metalheads, punks and goths and then spent time with them to see how they manage to combine their love of dark, gothic imagery and heavy music with a Christian lifestyle.
Noisey Specials

How to Survive Playing 250 Shows a Year with PUP

PUP is known for being constantly on the road. This summer they will be playing to some of their biggest crowds ever. We joined them on the road as they began touring their third album, 'Morbid Stuff.'
Noisey Raps

We Gave Murda Beatz A Camera: Inside His Endless Summer Tour

Murda Beatz went from being a small town kid from Canada, to one of raps most prolific and sought after producers. This past summer we sent him out on tour with a camcorder and no rules to capture his new life at the center of the hip-hop game.
Vice du jour

On visite le studio maison de Penny Diving

Les sœurs jumelles de Penny Diving n'ont même pas besoin de se parler pour créer leur musique.
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L'art de l'enregistrement analogique n'est pas mort

Au Pantoum, les musiciens peuvent dormir sur place pendant qu'ils enregistrent leur album.
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On magasine des bottes de cowboy avec le band New Swears

Quand peur des chevaux et passion pour le western sont conciliables.
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« Soit je fais du crime, soit je fais de la musique » : on parle de rap avec Souldia

On parle de musique, de séjour en prison et de criminalité avec le rappeur de Québec.
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On joue à « Donjons et dragons » avec le band de power pop Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs

Le chanteur de Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs nous explique pourquoi il tripe sur « Donjons et dragons ».