10 questions à

10 questions à Ève Torres

Elle a des tatouages, elle a déjà fumé du weed et elle est écœurée de se faire parler de son voile. La première femme voilée à se présenter en politique au Québec répond à nos questions indiscrètes.
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President Trump's First Speech

It's official: President Donald Trump is now the leader of the United States.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Control Alt Elite: Vice News Tonight on HBO

VICE News Tonight profiles Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute. VICE News Tonight airs weeknights on HBO at 7:30pm.
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Actor, Comedian, Rapper, Nick Cannon

Nick talks spotting talent, playdates with Beyoncé, and reviving Radio Shack.
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Trump Names Rick Perry Secretary of Some Department

Rick Perry is named Energy Secretary even though he couldn't remember the department exists. Naturally.
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Kanye Visits Trump as the Trash Fire Known as 2016 Continues

Kanye visits Trump to discuss whatever wildly out of touch rich people talk about. What if he performs at the inauguration?
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Trump on Daily Intelligence Briefings: Just DM Me

Trump too busy getting these tweets off to take daily intelligence briefings.
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ESPN’s Pablo Torre

Pablo Torre talks thesis writing, mice and roaches, pro athletes going broke, and James Harden.
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UFC Fighter Challenges People to Crush Apples for Some Reason

A UFC Fighter with a local news anchor name Sage Northcutt challenges people to rip into apples with their bare hands. Mero obliges.
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Jeff Sessions Continues War on The Kid Mero

Jeff Sessions continues to trample all over everything Mero stands for.
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Matt Lauer Presses Trump on His Twitter Fingers

Matt Lauer asks Trump about Twitter fingers, Trump responds by flexing about his follower count.
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This Day In History 12/6 - The 13th Amendment

On December 6th, 1865, the 13th Amendment of the Constitution was ratified, abolishing slavery in the United States.