Vice du jour

L'artiste qui incarne tous les personnages de ses tableaux

L'artiste 2Fik a remplacé huit bûcherons par huit immigrants dans la Chasse-galerie pour ouvrir le dialogue sur l'identité.
Yes Man

Butt Enhancement

Tonic's resident "Yes Man" Grant Stoddard receives a butt enhancement and takes photographer Ellen Hart along to document it.
DESUS & MERO / Extrait

Janice Griffith on Alien Dicks and Sex Positivity

Our guest adult film star and activist Janice Griffith talks about alien sex toys and sex positivity.
DESUS & MERO / Extrait

Shoutouts - Tuesday Nov. 15

Lin-Manuel Miranda's high school bully, Knicks win, Yankees lose, and of course, sex robots.

Satanic Art: A Fight for Freedom

The Creators Project spends the day with some members of The Satanic Temple as they unveil their newest sculpture of Baphomet at their Salem Gallery.
VICE News Specials

From Sex Worker to Seamstress: The High Cost of Cheap Clothes

VICE News traveled to Phnom Penh to speak with former and current sex workers, officials, and labor organizers to investigate what is happening to those swept up in the country's trafficking crackdown.
Broadly Specials

Meet the 'Man Servants' You Can Now Hire to Get Over Your Ex

We talk with ManServants, the startup that allows women to rent hot men.
Sex + Food

America's Top Manufacturer of Edible Sex Toys

Host Kimberly Kane heads to the headquarters of Doc Johnson Enterprises in North Hollywood, California – the #1 manufacturer of sex toys in the U.S.
VICE Specials

Avatar Sex: Scanning Pornstars Into Virtual Reality

Toronto based Virtual Reality company Holodexxx is creating a new interactive style of pornography by creating realistic avatars based on VR scans of real actors.
VICE Talks Film

Gaspar Noe on 'Love'

VICE meets with French Argentinian provocateur Gaspar Noé on his latest film, the shot in 3D, (very) sexually explicit 'Love'.
Love Industries

Mobile Love Industry

We look at the ways in which mobile apps have become an essential part of our search for the next hook-up, true love, and everything in between.
Broadly Specials

Running an Erotic Publishing Empire

When it comes to erotic e-books, cave men strippers, and serious business, the mother-daughter duo behind Ellora's Cave keep it all in the family.