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President Barack Obama Speaks With VICE News

VICE founder Shane Smith interviews President Barack Obama, discussing a host of issues important to Americans, from foreign policy and marijuana legalization to global warming and political gridlock.
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Eagles of Death Metal praten over de aanslagen in Parijs

De band sprak met VICE over de tragische gebeurtenissen die plaatsvonden in Le Bataclan op 13 november.
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Justin Trudeau: The VICE News Interview

VICE CEO Shane Smith sits down with Canadian Prime Ministerial candidate Justin Trudeau to talk about the most pressing issues Canada faces today.
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North Korean Labor Camps (Part 6/7)

North Korean Labor Camps (Part 6/7)
VICE News Specials / Extrait

North Korean Labor Camps (Part 7/7)

The FSB (Russian secret police), North Korean secret police and the local militia all decide to find out what Shane has been getting into.
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North Korean Labor Camps (Part 5/7)

Shane and Simon head off to Tataul and link up with a member of the local mafia known as "The Fish".
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North Korean Labor Camps (Part 3/7)

After many days on trains Shane arrives in Tynda but has to dodge the Russian secret police.
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North Korean Labor Camps (Part 4/7)

VICE co-founder Shane Smith finds his way into a labor camp established by North Korea - in the heart of Siberia.
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North Korean Labor Camps (Part 2/7)

Shane Smith gets re-accustomed with handling Russian alcoholics aboard the Trans-Siberian railway.
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North Korean Labor Camps (Part 1/7)

VICE founder Shane Smith romps around the hermit kingdom.