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Comment faire des tacos avec de vieilles pelures de bananes

Pour contrer le gaspillage alimentaire, un café de Toronto sert des tacos aux pelures de bananes.
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Venezuela keeps raising minimum wage to fight inflation

Venezuela just raised its minimum wage for the fifth time in a year
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Venezuelans Stand in Line To Be Fingerprinted

Venezuelans are standing in line to get fingerprinted and oust their president.
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Grocery Shopping During Venezuela’s Food Shortages

Three Caracas residents show us what they've been able to find amidst Venezuela's ongoing food crisis.
States of Undress / Extrait

Touring a Factory of Perfect Bodies

Hailey goes to a Venezuela mannequin factory that showcases the changing standards of beauty in the country.
States of Undress / Extrait

No Tampons In Venezuela

Due to government regulation in Venezuela, items like tampons are hard to acquire--and can cost from 45 cents to 45 dollars a box.
States of Undress / S1 EP3


In a country with its own stories of violence and protest, Hailey discovers that beauty is the most popular, if dangerous, pursuit for its people.
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Last Days of Chavez's Legacy: The Fall of Chavismo in Venezuela

VICE News traveled to Venezuela to see how the Chavistas — supporters of the late President Hugo Chavez — prepared for a momentous election.
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The NASA Engineer on a Feminist Voyage

Broadly spends "A Day With" Denisse Aranda, Venezuelan transplant, Virginia Beach resident, dance enthusiast, and top NASA engineer.