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Είναι η Αθήνα το Νέο Βερολίνο;

Έχουν δίκιο τα ξένα ΜΜΕ που έχουν κηρύξει την Αθήνα της κρίσης, με τα φτηνά νοίκια, τα χιπ στέκια, τα φεστιβάλ τέχνης και τα κουλ τυπάκια, σε νέο πολιτιστικό κόμβο της Ευρώπης;
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Bibi Bourelly

Bibi Bourelly may be an in demand songwriter, but it’s her own music that will make the most noise.
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Group Therapy Behind Bars (Excerpt)

Henry Langston joins a group therapy session, where inmates talk about their looming release dates and their biggest challenges in maintaining sobriety.
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Cold Turkey: New Hampshire's Prison Detox

VICE News looks inside the state facility in New Hampshire that's readily providing substance abuse treatment — its state prison.
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Bowie's Berlin

A film about David Bowie's impact on the LGBT community of Berlin.

Ένα «Μάθημα Ιστορίας» στο Εργοστάσιο της Jägermeister στη Γερμανία

Ο λάτρης του Jägermeister, ο φωτογράφος Atiba Jefferson, μας συνοδεύει στο τουρ μας προς την ανακάλυψη του ιστορικού background του ποτού.
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Insects, Testicles, and the Paleo Diet

Berlin is at the forefront of alternative food developments and trends. Over the past few years, one such trend has taken the city by storm: The Paleo Diet.
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Steak Tartare with Julien Ponthieu

Making steak tartare may look simple (all you need is a good piece of meat, right?), but it takes a truly talented chef to perfect this classic French dish.
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Open a Wine Bottle with a Shoe

The infamous "shoe" technique surprisingly worked.