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Ποιοι Δεν Θέλουν το Μουσουλμανικό Τέμενος στην Αθήνα;

Οι ατέλειωτες καθυστερήσεις, οι αυτοσχέδιοι χώροι προσευχής και η κατάληψη του Βοτανικού.
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Οι Πανκ της Ινδονησίας Είναι Πραγματικοί Επαναστάτες

Ταξιδεύουμε στην Ινδονησία για να μιλήσουμε με τους εναμπομείναντες της πανκ σκηνής που ζουν υπό συνεχή απειλή.
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Rescuing Ex-Muslims: Leaving Islam

VICE News meets a network of ex-Muslims based in London, helping others who have left Islam, as they escape imprisonment and violence.
VICE News Specials

The Kohistan Story: Killing for Honor

VICE News travels to Pakistan to investigate the truth behind one of the country's most perplexing so-called honor killing cases.
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Τα «Γατάκια» του Ισλάμ που δεν Φορούν Μαντίλα και ο Ηγέτης στον Οποίο Είναι Αφιερωμένα

Τρεις ημέρες μέσα στον περίεργο κόσμο του Adnan Oktar και του ισλαμικού φεμινισμού.
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The Architect of the CIA's Enhanced Interrogation Program, James Mitchell

In a VICE News exclusive, the architect of the CIA's enhanced interrogation program speaks about waterboarding, radical Islam and what he was asked to do after 9/11.
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Exposing Sexual Assault in Bangladesh

Rape and gang rape in Bangladesh has reached alarming levels, despite being punishable by death, 1 in 8 men admits to rape.
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Ghosts of Aleppo (Full Length)

VICE News followed the Islamic Front as they battled to retain control of the capital of the Syrian revolution.
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The Islamic State

With unprecedented and exclusive access, VICE News journalist and filmmaker Medyan Dairieh spent three weeks filming alone inside the self-proclaimed caliphate of the Islamic State.
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The Islamic State (Part 1)

VICE News got unprecedented access within the Islamic State, going to the front lines of Syria as the group advances through the country.