Lenovo New Realities

Using an App to Help Refugees Start a New Life

Aisha Coulibaly is using an app to help refugees in Italy settle into their new home.
Drunk Eats

Dove mangiare di Notte a Milano

"Drunk Eats" è uno show che ti mostra dove mangiare di notte in alcune delle più belle città del mondo. In questo episodio andiamo a Milano, dove mangiare fino alle sei del mattino tartare e un panino di cavallo da paura.
Munchies Shorties

Le donne del pane di Cerchiara

Cerchiara è un paesino della Calabria celebre per il suo pane da paura. Qui ci sono nove forni e sono tutti gestiti da donne.
Munchies Specials

MUNCHIES präsentiert: Ein Abend im InGalera

Im InGalera in Mailand schmeißen Häftlinge Küche und Service des Restaurants. Wir wollten erfahren, was das Programm den Insassen bedeutet.
VICE News Specials

The CIA Officer Left Behind by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton ignored a CIA officer's plea for help. Now, that officer may end up in an Italian prison.
THUMP Specials

C2C: The Italian New Wave

In the last five years, Italy’s electronic music scene has been sprouting with new artists whose constant efforts have challenged the music world with new ideas.
VICE Sports

High Stakes Cliff Diving in Italy

We traveled to Polignano a Mare for a stop on the Red Bull Cliff Diving Tour to meet the athletes and take in this truly unique sporting event.
VICE News Specials

An Ex-CIA Officer Speaks Out: The Italian Job

A former CIA counterterrorism officer convicted in Italy for the rendition of a radical cleric says she was wrongly accused.
Breaking Borders

Refugees' Dead End in Italy

Hundreds of refugees and migrants are trapped in Italian town of Ventimiglia.

TOXIC: Napoli

In Napels en het omliggende Campania heeft de maffia al decennialang de macht over de afvalverwerkingsindustrie. In deze video zien we daar de onprettige gevolgen van.