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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was a huge disappointment, but in this episode of Guide to Games we look at one way that it managed to surprise us anyway.
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SuperHyperCube: The Retro-Futurist VR Game 7 Years in the Making

Waypoint meets with experimental gaming collective Kokoromi to discuss the 7-year making of their retro-futurist puzzle game for Playstation's VR platform.
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How Tetris became the addictive classic it is today

And the convoluted story of how it came to be.
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Stepping into the Screen: The Boundaries of the VR Frontier

Now that the dream of consumer-grade VR is here, game makers are finding that reality is complicated.
Waypoint Meets

Zoë Quinn on Life Since Gamergate and Her Erotic New Video Game

Zoe's current project is an alternate version of gaming in which she turns “interactive cinema” into a legitimate art form.
Waypoint Specials

Inside Tokyo's Long Love Affair with 'Dance Dance Revolution'

VICE explores the loyal and seemingly everlasting DDR scene in Tokyo, almost 20 years after it was first released.

The Road to DreamHack: Inside the Competitive World of SMITE

VICE goes behind the scenes with the world's best SMITE gamers as they prepare for DreamHack Summer in Sweden.
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‘Hyper Light Drifter’ - Inside the Video Game Inspired by a Life-Threatening Illness

His literal heartbreak inspired one of 2016’s greatest indie games.

Sega Dreamcast's Very Weird Fish Simulator

Abandonware takes a look at one of the weirdest games ever released--Sega's Seaman for Dreamcast.
Hello World

The Unsung Female Programmer Behind Atari’s Centipede

Motherboard profiles the unsung heroes of the video game and computer world from the 80s and 90s that made an indelible impact on American culture.