Broadly Shorties

Een veilige plek voor strippers

Toen strippers in New York de straat op gingen om te demonstreren tegen racisme en slechte werkomstandigheden, kwamen ze bij elkaar om hun plannen te beramen in paaldansschool Poletic Justice.
Culture Beat

Surrealistische maskers, een innovatieve dance-squad, en begrafenispakken

In deze aflevering ontmoeten we Henry David Nobody Jr., de LA City Municipal Dance Squad, en Jae Rhim Lee.

Tiga praat over zijn jeugd in India en het opstarten van de dancescene in Montreal

De dj en producer vertelt over zijn onconventionele ouders en hoe hij op zijn negentiende de eerste echte rave in Montreal organiseerde.
THUMP Specials / Clip

Footworkin' in Tokyo (Trailer)

THUMP heads to Japan to track down the vibrant local community of dancers and DJs who've embraced footwork, Chicago's most breakneck-paced style of music and dance.
SUB.Culture / Clip

Celebrating MANANA in the City of Music

We head to present-day Santiago de Cuba, where MANANA festival took place back in May, to see how dance music’s path through the decades has resulted in the scene’s most vibrant moment.
Waypoint Specials

Inside Tokyo's Long Love Affair with 'Dance Dance Revolution'

VICE explores the loyal and seemingly everlasting DDR scene in Tokyo, almost 20 years after it was first released.
Daily VICE

We Meet a Breakdancing Ballerina

Dancer Martina Heimann left Germany's ballet recitals behind after falling in love with New York City's breakdancing scene.
Daily VICE

The History of Voguing

We death drop on the history of voguing with some of New York's best in ballroom culture, and Broadly tells us what they see on the horizon for women's issues in 2016.

British Columbia: Shambhala Music Festival

In the mountains of southeastern British Columbia sits Nelson, the home of Shambhala Music Festival—the beating heart of Canada’s bass music scene.
i-D Presents

Lucky Thirteen: A Dance Film Starring Maddie Ziegler and Narrated by Chloë Sevigny

Maddie Ziegler dances her way to teenagedom.
VICE Sports

Brooklyn's Best Step Team

In this VICE Sports exclusive we met up with the all-female Lady Dragons step team to see their pressure-packed final days of preparation for NYC regionals.