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VICE Sports Sitdowns: Djibril Cissé

In deze VICE Sports Sitdown spreken we Djibril Cissé over zijn overstap van de voetbalwereld naar de muziekwereld.
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In terms of ideas, the movement is a kind of Serbian punk for the twenty-first century.

Tiga praat over zijn jeugd in India en het opstarten van de dancescene in Montreal

De dj en producer vertelt over zijn onconventionele ouders en hoe hij op zijn negentiende de eerste echte rave in Montreal organiseerde.
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Celebrating MANANA in the City of Music

We head to present-day Santiago de Cuba, where MANANA festival took place back in May, to see how dance music’s path through the decades has resulted in the scene’s most vibrant moment.
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Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra

Earlier this year, Kate Simko and the London Electronic Orchestra invited THUMP to join them in London’s St. Pancras Station for a special pop-up performance.
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Meet the Pioneers Who Inspired Cuba's Dance Music Scene

In the early 1960s, oscillators, Moog synths, and dusty old tapes helped to cultivate an electroacoustic movement in Cuban music.
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Olympian Miles Chamley-Watson is Reinventing Fencing: Reda for the World

What should a new-age sword fighter learn how to do? Scratch.
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SUB.Culture: Cuba

We delve into how a group of pioneering musicians in the early 1960s created an electroacoustic movement that coupled modern equipment with more traditional Cuban styles.
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We gingen een weekend lang naar het grootste lesbofeest ter wereld

Broadly ging langs bij Dinah Shore, een enorm feest in en rond een zwembad, voor vrouwen die van vrouwen houden.
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The Best and Worst Things About Electronic Music Today

Sometimes you have to take a step back from the pulsing lights and pounding subs of the club and evaluate what this is really all about.
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Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap

Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap gleefully and goofily shoot the shit beside a pool, relating how they first caught the rave bug—spoiler: acid was involved.
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Before You Go On: Pete Tong

We asked Pete Tong every question we could think of right before he went on stage.