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Fatal police shooting of Chinese man sparks protests in Paris

Clashes erupted in Paris Monday after protesters gathered to honor the memory of a slain Chinese national.
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Een undercoveragent vertelt over zijn baan

Een Britse voormalige undercoveragent vertelt hoe het was om aan zaken te werken die draaiden om drugshandel, wapens, moord, pedofilie en interne corruptie bij de politie.
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Violent protests erupt in Paris suburbs after cops accused of sodomizing black man

Protests have continued for four days following the incident
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Crystal Meth and Cartels in the Philippines: The Shabu Trap

VICE News takes a look at the Philippines drug trade.
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Protest Through Sewn Lips

As demolition work enters its stride on day three of the evictions, VICE News returns to the Jungle to find out what life is like for those affected.
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Violence in Paris as Strikes Continue

Thousands of demonstrators stormed the streets of Paris on June 14, the latest in a series of protests against proposed new labor reform laws.
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Driving While Black (Trailer)

Coming soon: VICE News investigates racial profiling in traffic stops.
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Protesters Storm French Port

Calais port was closed after protesting migrants stormed onto a UK-bound ferry, VICE News was there.
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Filming the Police

We also visit an icy art installation in Paris, investigate pollution in the world's deepest lake, and explore LA's Latino ska scene.

Protecting Australia's Incarcerated Aboriginals

VICE Australia spent the night shift with a woman who plays a crucial role in protecting the legal rights and safety of aboriginal people who've got arrested.
Red Right Hand

The Cleveland Strangler: het verhaal van een brute seriemoordenaar en zijn vergeten slachtoffers

Tussen 2007 en 2009 werden in Cleveland minstens elf zwarte vrouwen verkracht en vermoord door seriemoordenaar Anthony Sowell.
State Of Emergency

St. Louis Police Shooting Fans the Flames (Dispatch 2)

VICE News headed to north St. Louis to talk to witnesses about what happened during Kajieme Powell's shooting death.