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Celebrating MANANA in the City of Music

We head to present-day Santiago de Cuba, where MANANA festival took place back in May, to see how dance music’s path through the decades has resulted in the scene’s most vibrant moment.
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The DJ's Who Turned Cuba's Economic Turmoil Into a Movement

In the economically devastated early 90s, DJs like D'Joy de Cuba, Wichy de Vedado, and DJ Jigüe, found catharsis in a new community of parties, clubs, and sounds.
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Meet the Pioneers Who Inspired Cuba's Dance Music Scene

In the early 1960s, oscillators, Moog synths, and dusty old tapes helped to cultivate an electroacoustic movement in Cuban music.
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SUB.Culture: Cuba

We delve into how a group of pioneering musicians in the early 1960s created an electroacoustic movement that coupled modern equipment with more traditional Cuban styles.
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De hedonistische en polyamoureuze eenhoorns van Londen

Toen de charismatische voormalige alcoholist Shaft naar Burning Man ging veranderde dat zijn leven. Hij besefte dat hij zich meer eenhoorn dan mens voelt.

British Columbia: PK Sound

In the final episode of SUB.Culture British Columbia, THUMP talks to the mad scientists behind PK Sound. Then, we talk to the mover and shakers about the future of electronic music and why the aftershocks from this west coast bass hub will be felt fo

British Columbia: Vancouver's Bass Music Roots

In part 1 of SUB.Culture British Columbia, THUMP explores the history of bass music in Vancouver and how it has exploded over the past few years.
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Hoe LARPen mijn leven redde

VICE ontmoet Jon Gallagher, een enthousiaste LARPer met het syndroom van Asperger, die zegt dat LARPen hem geholpen heeft vrienden te maken en een baan te vinden.

SUB.Culture: Montreal (Part 2/3)

We talk to some of this year's Igloofest artists, and those built the festival to its current fame.

SUB.Culture: Montreal (Part 1/3)

Under the icy glaze of a Canadian winter, Montreal's dance scene is thriving.
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De echte 'True Blood'?

Vader Sebastiaan is de leider van de levende vampiers in Louisiana. Hij voorziet de lokale Dracula's van puntige tanden en organiseert feesten waar bloed gedronken wordt.
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Deze vrouwen vechten voor mannenrechten

De barricades op voor de rechten van de man.