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Malala vertelt wat ze tegen Trump zou zeggen over de vluchtelingencrisis

Malala Yousafzai sprak met Broadly over de vluchtelingencrisis, haar werk als voorvechter van vrouwenrechten, en beschikbaar onderwijs voor meisjes overal ter wereld.
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Peacekeepers Turned Perpetrators

In this film, VICE examines widespread allegations of sexual abuse and rape at the hands of UN peacekeepers by the very women and children they pledge to protect.
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The Silent Rise of HIV in Chile

VICE News partnered with the University of British Colulmbia to investigate Chile's rising HIV problem.
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Arab Winter: Syrian Refugees in the Bekaa Valley

VICE News returns to a refugee camp in Lebanon where families continue to live in exile.
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Who Cares About Climate Change?

VICE News sits down with climate scientist Heidi Cullen to discuss why it's so hard to get people to care about climate change.
On The Line

Sam Oakford Discusses International Crises and UN Diplomacy

VICE News UN Correspondent Samuel Oakford joins On The Line to discuss some of the world's most pressing crises, and the diplomatic response from the UN.
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World Bank President Jim Yong Kim: The VICE News Interview

The World Bank says it's fighting extreme poverty. VICE News interviews its president, Jim Yong Kim, to ask how
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Exposing Sexual Assault in Bangladesh

Rape and gang rape in Bangladesh has reached alarming levels, despite being punishable by death, 1 in 8 men admits to rape.
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VICE ontmoet Kim Hye-Sook

Kim Hye-Sook zat bijna dertig jaar opgesloten in een werkkamp in Noord-Korea, totdat ze wist te ontsnappen en naar Zuid-Korea vluchtte.