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Back & Forth: Broederliefde | Noisey

In deze nieuwe Back & Forth spreken we Broederliefde over hallucineren op de snelweg, over het strandje aan de Maas en over de vraag wanneer je iemand écht kent.
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Deze extreemrechtse complottheorie over omvolking slaat nergens op

Volgens deze extreemrechtse complottheorie wil een 'elite' de hele witte Europese bevolking vervangen door immigranten. Daar klopt natuurlijk geen snars van.

De beste Trump-imitator ter wereld

VICE volgde John Di Domenico – een acteur die al dertien jaar Donald Trump nadoet – tijdens een wedstrijd tussen de beste Trump-imitators ter wereld.
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Asylum seekers are being turned away illegally at the U.S.-Mexico border

VICE News looks at how Mexico and the U.S. have already been collaborating to keep immigrants from entering the country.
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Venezuela Is Running Out Of Medicine

Venezuela isn’t just facing a food shortage—its medicine is running out too.
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Women across Argentina wore black to protest sexual violence

The first ever national women’s strike was organized by “Ni Una Menos” — “Not One Less”
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Massive arctic cruise ships are threatening Inuit communities

Increased rates of arctic tourism are particularly threatening to the food security of local communities
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Follow a Syrian boy's dangerous journey to school in a war zone

There are ominous signs of a major new offensive in Syria
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This acting coach is helping trans actors be themselves

His approach? Get students to stop acting
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Shep Gordon used flammable panties to make Alice Cooper a superstar

Legendary talent manager Shep Gordon recounts one of the craziest brand-building capers in the history of rock 'n' roll
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The most important Supreme Court cases to watch out for this term

The Supreme Court term opens tomorrow, and there are 39 cases on the docket, several of which could have major impacts on American law
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Living the WeLife

The co-working startup WeWork is now gearing up to meet its workers' biggest need of all: a place to live