Andy Milonakis


Fat Prince / web

Lunchable Veal Oscar with Chef Michael Voltaggio and Matthew Gray Gubler

The Fat Prince plays host to Chef Michael Voltaggio (Ink. sac, Ink.) and offers safe haven and a marvelous meal, fit for a king to friend Matthew Gray Gubler.
Fat Prince / web

Shrimp Curry with EpicLLoyd and Badmaash

The badass boys from Badmaash and rap king EpicLLOYD join Andy for a curry-flavored rap battle in this episode of Fat Prince.
Fat Prince / web

Chicken Noodle & Lamb Guts Soup with Cat Cora and Andy Richter

When two Greeks get together, you’re guaranteed to eat well and break a plate or two.
Fat Prince / web

Foie Gras and Steak-Umm Sandwiches with Robbie Wilson and Nick Kroll

Chef Robbie Wilson (Mattei’s Tavern, Los Olivos, CA) drop a few flavor bombs on us by whipping up a quick, decadent and cheesy, Steak-umm sandwich.
Fat Prince / web

Shake-N-Bake Chicken Fried Wagyu with Sunny Anderson and Ron Funches

Andy and Food Network’s Sunny Anderson do the unthinkable: prime Wagyu beef gets butterflied and chicken-fried, and Kraft macaroni and cheese gets dressed up.
Fat Prince / web

Brisket Hash with Noah Galuten and Chelsea Perretti

Andy Milonakis and pitmaster Noah Galuten of LA’s Bludso’s Bar + Que join forces for a memorable BBQ feast.
Fat Prince / web

Golden Pig Fried Rice with Animal Restaurant and David Koechner

Actor David Koechner joins Andy and the chefs of Animal restaurant as they eat Golden Pig Fried Rice and discuss how they'd serve up Wilbur from Charlotte's Web.
How-To / web

Cretan Spinach Pie with Andy Milonakis

Allow Andy Milonakis to give you a lesson in how to cook real shit from the village of fuckin' Crete.