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Od dilera do biznesmena: ucieczka z czarnego rynku marihuany

Właściciele farmy marihuany Gas House mówią, jak udało im się przekształcić nielegalne uprawy i dilowanie w pełnoprawną, wartą miliony firmę
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Przemyt zioła na bagnach Florydy

Spotkaliśmy się z przewoźnikiem marihuany, który w latach 80. współpracował ze zorganizowanym gangiem przemytników z Parku Narodowego Everglades

Poznaj kalifornijską królową zioła

Cheryl Shuman, założycielka Klubu Konopi Beverly Hills opowiada, jak dostarczanie palenia elitom Hollywood pozwoliło jej zbudować największy ziołowy biznes w całej Kalifornii
Canadian Cannabis

Cannabis Culture with Laura Jane Grace

Damian Abraham and Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! smoke their way through Vancouver's weed scene while discussing touring, music, and how high they can possibly get.
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Cannabis between Pain and Law

An ongoing debate has been active for over a year now about the use of marijuana and cannabis oil for medical purposes. In recent months, several people who have been using cannabis, mostly its oil, to alleviate pains and problems caused by illnesses
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How to Wake and Bake Like A 19th Century Poet

Roaster, Kian Abedini, shows us how to infuse coffee and prepare the preferred drink of 19th century artists: a café de hashashin.
High Society

How Weed Laws Are Failing the UK

We meet growers, medical marijuana users, politicians, and a couple of thieves who have come up with a novel way to make money off the UK cannabis trade.
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Stoned Shabbat Dinner

You can pretty much infuse anything with cannabis, that is, if you’ve got the right buds.
Canadian Cannabis

Canada et cannabis - épisode 2

Dans ce deuxième épisode, Damian Abraham s’est rendu chez Jim's Weeds, un « Compassion club » de Vancouver que les autorités ont récemment fait fermer.
Canadian Cannabis

Le Marché gris de l'herbe au Canada

Certains veulent utiliser le cannabis pour ses propriétés médicales, d'autres mettent en avant la lutte contre le trafic et ferment la porte à toute légalisation.
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Inside America's Billion-Dollar Weed Business

VICE News meets investors cashing in on the green rush and finds out how fractured marijuana laws are causing the American market to miss out.
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Cannabis Creamery

Just in time for summer, we found an ice cream that gets you stoned.